Guided tours and business events

The castle is a private domain that is inhabited. This means that it is not available for private events and it is also not allowed to take photos or video recordings. The domain is also not available as a wedding or Communion location. However, in accordance with the agenda of the residents, we can offer a guided tour of the castle. Guided tours are not possible on Mondays and Fridays. Below you will find the corresponding formalities.


Private individuals, schools & associations


The castle is available for:

- Guided tours for groups with timely reservation (15 euros per person; coffee / tea included)

- Guided tours for schools with timely reservation (free for teachers and students; 30 euros per guide *)

* 1 guide for 25 people

* not possible on Mondays / Fridays




Access to this symbolic site of Belgian cultural and historical heritage is possible, either through strategic partnerships with your company or for a 'one-shot' rental within the framework of exclusive events (seminars, lectures, concerts with classical music, a business breakfast ...).


Located 50 km from Brussels, 40 km from Antwerp and 70 km from Maastricht, Westerlo is particularly well located, halfway between the fuss of the city and the tranquility of the countryside.


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