Historalia Productions

The castle domain revives every two years thanks to the swirling spectacles that are organized. Historalia Productions brought different historical figures to life. In total, more than 80,000 enthusiasts from Westerlo and far beyond attended the past shows.  


The first spectacle took place in 2014 and told the story of the French queen Marie-Antoinette. In 2016 the focus was on national history with a spectacular view on the life of Albert 1, King of the Belgians during the turbulent period of the First World War. Rubens closes this list for now. The colorful life of one of the greatest artists of all time was the subject of an unseen visual experience. In 2020 we add a new production to this list: 1830 will tell the incredible story of the Belgian Revolution. In comparison to the past shows, this musical will be a whole new theatre experience for the spectators. They move across the beautiful domain and while being carried away by a story filled with love, action and humour.


Every musical starts from a blank page. Direction and script are in the hands of Luc Stevens who works with a team of hundreds of employees and volunteers. Together they create a dazzling total spectacle with beautiful choreographies and sumptuous costumes performed by a live orchestra, a topcast from the Flemish musical world and hundreds of dancers and actors. A combination of beautiful songs, water, light and fire against the backdrop of the authentic Merode castle.  


More information and tickets can be found in time on the Historalia website: http://www.historalia.be